The Preconception Program
This is a holistic program combining a 28 day cycle syncing workout program with specialist education & mindfulness practices to help support women on their journey to become mothers.
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Everything you need to know!
How do I know this program is for me?
This program is designed to support women thinking about future pregnancies and want to optimize their health and their natural cycle. This program is for women considering Egg Freezing and want to ensure they get the the highest quality eggs they can from the process. This is a program designed for any women who want to nourish their cycle with specially developed workouts that synch your workouts to your cycle.
What will this program do for me?
You deserve to feel good and prioritize you and your health during this important time. The goal of the platform is to provide education about your cycle, how to identify and address any issues that many affect your fertility & provide a workout program that supports the ebbs & flows of your cycle to make it regular to optimize your chances of pregnancy.
How do I know when to start the program?
If you are tracking your cycle already, you can jump into the workouts for the specific phase you're currently in. If you are not tracking your cycle, you can begin the first day of your period with any workout from the Menstruation Phase.
How do I watch the workouts & Education vidoes?
Download the Bodylove Mama App or Stream on-demand from our website. Anytime, Anywhere.
Do I need to be fit to start the program?
This is an open level program with modifications offered to suit any level of fitness.
Do I need to have specific props?
Prop options are given in some workouts but all workouts can be completed without. Some of the props we use include hand & ankle weights, yoga bricks & Pilates ball. Most importantly you need a mat & space for you to move.
How long are the workouts?
Our workouts range from 25-40 minutes.
How are the workouts divided?
The workouts are divided into phases of your cycle. Follicular, Ovulatory, Luteal & Menstruation. You can chose any workout you want from the collection that mirrors the phase of your cycle you are in!
Do I need to do the guided meditations?
We recommend you consider including daily mindfulness practices. We believe health is holistic. It's not just one thing that will impact your fertility. It is the coordination and consideration of how you move, sleep, eat and unravel stress that will be key. Your Guru supports your nervous system which is intricately connected to your Reproductive system. Please remember, this is your journey, mindfulness shouldn't be stressful.
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