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The 14 Day Free Trial
When does the 2 week period begin?
The two week free trial begins the moment you sign up to the platform.
Who can do the free trial?
The free trial is for first time users only please. If you use multiple email addresses the system will cancel the trial and block the user.
When will I be charged during this period?
The system requires a credit card to sign up to the free trial but you will NOT be charged until after the 14 day period is over. Make sure you cancel your membership within the 14 day period to avoid being charged.
What access do the memberships allow?
As a Bodylove Mama member you have exclusive and unlimited access to the expansive collection of workout videos from 2015 to present.
How do I cancel my membership
As a monthly member, you can cancel your membership at any stage over the course of a month. This means you will still have access to the site over that month but you will not be charged for the next month. Access to the workouts will end when your paid month finishes.
First Trimester Workouts
Is it safe to workout in the first trimester?
Absolutely. If you are feeling ok, you can continue to workout during your first trimester as you would have done before you found out you were pregnant. Mamas should start to tune into that very strong maternal instinct - if it doesn't feel right, stop! I also want to make sure Mamas know that there is very little that they could ever do that will affect the success of their pregnancy - if pregnancies aren't successful it's more than likely a chromosomal issue, not that workout you did, or that cup of coffee you drank.
How should I start to modify my workouts during the first trimester?
It's important that your start to move away from traditional abdominal training that might focus on the superficial abdominal muscles and transition to exercises that target the muscles of the deep core. (so give up the crunches, plank/neutral ab work instead).
Do you have a week by week guide for the first trimester?
Yes - follow along with Ali from Week 4 to Week 12. The workouts are modified to suit each week during this important time.
When to start back after baby
How do I begin my recovery after having a baby?
Your recovery should begin with safe, gentle breathing exercises and techniques that start to reactivate the muscles of the deep core. With proper guidance, the simple act of breathing can awaken the important foundation muscles of the body, send oxygenated blood flow to traumatized areas of the body post birth, calm and reset the nervous system.
When can I start working out after I have had a baby?
The simple answer is as soon as possible. Even the second or third day after birth. I'm not talking about an F45 HIIT workout - the focus is on your gentle recovery.
Do you have an after birth recovery program designed specifically for Postnatal recovery?
We do - it's called Birth To Bodylove. It is a 6 week program of daily videos filmed during founder, Ali Handley's, genuine postnatal recovery. The workouts are focused first on reactivating and rehabbing the muscles of the deep core. The program also includes specially designed stretch videos and lower and upper body strengthening.
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