November 3, 2023
5 Minutes With a Mama - Chloé Zuel

In this article, we’ve asked the beautiful Chloé Zuel, Mother and Australian Actor and Pilates Instructor a few questions about her birth story and her babies!

What’s your baby’s full name & why did you choose that name?

Tadhg Oisín Zuel-Mallett. It’s an Irish name- my husband’s family is Irish and our girl’s name was French for my family. We loved the name Tadhg (said like “TIGE”) which means little poet/storyteller which seems appropriate given we are both actors. It also sounds like Tiger and I love Tigers. Oisín (sounds like “OHSHEEN”) means little deer and makes me think of the ocean. When we said the names together we just knew they were right.

What time did you give birth?

3.25 pm 7th August

What is your baby’s star sign?

Leo lion!

What was the best thing about your birth?

The support that I had before, during and after the birth from the hospital, my husband and amazing women. The RHFW and Dr Bisits allowed me to have a natural vaginal breech birth. Most hospitals wouldn’t have taken the risk but they fully supported me to do it. Our midwife Sam was incredible and was there for the whole birth, on the floor with me- massaging my back. We just couldn’t believe how generous she was with her energy. I was also so grateful to have our doula Zoe there who supported us through the entire thing AND took incredible photos.

What was the biggest challenge with your birth?

When Tadhg came out he didn’t make any noise and the baby doctors had to rush in and resuscitate him. He wasn’t on me for 20 minutes after birth and that was terrifying. Labour-wise- I hadn’t slept at all and I felt like that affected my ability to be as mentally strong as I thought I would be. There was a moment mid labour when I felt like I was failing because I was finding it so tough. I think my expectations of myself were too high really.

What was your first meal post-birth?

A toastie that our midwife made us in the hospital kitchen because we hadn’t eaten in over a day! The next day my husband got me a coffee and a sandwich from Cali Press. I think I was expecting to want a big lovely meal but I was so overwhelmed and tired that I didn’t really feel like eating too much.

What is your top birth tip?

Try not to have any expectations of yourself or how the birth will go. Use your breath and sound to move through the contractions and be kind to yourself- you are a warrior and your body knows what to do.


Chloé Zuel is a Mother, Australian Actor and Pilates Instructor (@chloezuel).

Photograph taken by Zoe Elkington, Doula (@milkandblossom)