May 18, 2023
5 Minutes With a Mama - Jess Osie

In this article, we’ve asked the beautiful Jess Osie, Mother and Vedic Meditation Teacher a few questions about her birth story and her babies!

What’s your baby’s full name & why did you choose that name?

My first baby is India-Rose and her name came to me when she was in the womb. Both my husband and I love India and bonded over our shared passion for the country when we first met. When I fell pregnant with Indi, it was a big surprise! We were living in Melbourne at the time and spent long hours on a vision quest in the St Kilda Rose Gardens processing the news and dreaming and envisioning the journey ahead. She is both deep & magnetic like India, and feminine like a Rose.

Amit Bala (we call him Ami for short) is my second bub and we actually didn’t brainstorm any names the entire pregnancy. After a few weeks post birth, my husband Tony came to me with his first name Amit – which means ‘dear friend’ in Hebrew, and ‘unbounded, limitless’ in Sanskrit. Bala is Sanskrit for strength – and that is our sweet Ami, unbounded sweetness and strength.

What was the best thing about your birth?

For Indi’s birth, I felt completely fearless. I felt I could stay deeply inward even in a busy hospital environment. I felt like a Superwoman after giving birth to her.

For Ami, the best part was the sensual, beautiful and connected labour we had. It was as home birth which meant I got cuddles from Indi at 4 am, and I felt truly safe and loved.

What was the biggest challenge with your birth?

During Indi’s birth, there were some small complications. Tony and I had done a lot of research and were really clear on our intentions for the birth. There was a lot of noise and pressure from the care providers. Tony was my guardian and we navigated the hospital system in a way that felt most aligned and powerful for us.

After Ami’s birth, I had a concealed hemorrhage, so was transferred to the hospital three hours later. The hardest part about this was not being together as a family the first night he was born.

What was your first meal post-birth?

I think both times I had craved a cheese toastie sandwich but didn’t feel called to eat it in the end. And fortunately, was delivered both times, some divinely prepared, warm, nourishing Ayurvedic food from a dear friend.

What is your top birth tip?

Surrender to your body’s intelligence. She knows what to do. Once you’re in labour, it all flows from there. See if you can even enjoy the process 🙂

Jess Osie is a Mother & Vedic Mediation Teacher (@jessosie).